Food Service

Our Customer - Food Service To support the successful growth of you food service activities, we offer you an integrated approach. The starting point is always a thorough consumer and guest understanding combined with extensive research into the latest consumer trends, attitudes and changing consumer habits. These insights together with our worldwide presence and our focus on quick service restaurants and coffee chains allow us to introduce new concepts for baked goods, sweet goods and chocolate parts of the menu.

Our teams of nutritionists and our demonstrators are on hand to help you create recipes with optimal nutritional value. At the same time, we support operators with the best ways of cost-effective operational efficiency, either with easy-to-use in-store solutions or by outsourcing to third-party industrial manufacturers. In addition, we help your team develop future solutions with a broad range of resources and tools, including our innovation centers, pilot bakery and pilot patisserie, our Sensory Analysis lab and the mobile Sensobus.

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