Flour Tortilla

Puratos ingredients to create Flour Tortilla

Easy Wholemeal

Concentrated bread mix for wholemeal breads that contain fibre and better in nutritional value than white breads. Complete with improver.

Soft'r Intens Freshness

Modular solution in powder form to enhance the freshness by increasing the softness, crumb moistness and shelf-life of soft breads and rolls

Toupan A

Economical improver for soft breads. Suitable for traditional toast breads.

Easy Multicereals

Concentrated bread mix for old-fashioned dark crumbed breads, contains sunflower seeds, wheat flakes, oat flakes, soya and barley. Complete with improver.

S500 Actiplus

Universal improver for all types of yeast-risen dough. Recommended for European breads. S500 offers you ultimate peace of mind through : Proven Premium Constant Quality

Soft'r Pan

Bread improver designed for soft baked. Recommended for sweet buns.

Easy Veggie

Concentrated bread mix for bread containing an exclusive blend of carefully selected freeze-dried vegetables-onion, parsley, celery, carrot, tomato, green & red peppers. Complete with improver

Easy Alpine Grain

Mix for distinctive multi-grain breads and buns with a wholesome flavour containing wheat flakes, linseeds and sunflower seeds. Light crumb and eye appealing. Complete with improver.

Solutions to improve your Flour Tortilla