Laminated Open

Puratos ingredients to create Laminated Open

Mimetic 32

A margarine with great workability and excellent plasticity to create Viennoiserie and puff pastry.

Sunset Glaze

Ready-to-use, UHT egg substitute for glazing.

Carat Coverlux Dark Compound Block

Compound Dark Chocolate in block.

Belcolade Noir Chocolate Powder

Belgian couverture dark chocolate powder

Vivafil Strawberry

A superior bake-stable and freeze-stable strawberry filling for bakery products, with mimimum of 20% real fruit content.

Harmony Sublimo G&G Neutre

Ready-to-use cold setting glaze for fruit pies, cakes, danish and puff pastries.

Kimo Long A+

Improver in powder form designed for the production of frozen dough for long freezing period up to 6 months.

Fruitfil Strawberry

A bake-stable and freeze-stable blueberry filling for bakery products, with mimimum of 10% real fruit content.