Chou Pastry (Eclair)

Puratos ingredients to create Chou Pastry (Eclair)

Cremfil Ultim Dark Chocolate

Chocolate and nut fillings, preserving freshness and reducing fat. Contains at least 10% chocolate.

Deli Citron

Inspired by authentic French lemon pie, just like a homemade recipe.

Belcolade Noir Selection Blocks C501/J

Belgian couverture dark chocolate in block with minimum 53% cocoa content.

Deli Cheesecake

A ready-to-bake cheesecake base to make New York Style Cheesecakes.

Vivafil Durian

A superior bake-stable and freeze-stable durian filling for bakery products, with mimimum of 20% real fruit content.

Belcolade Lait Selection Drops O3X5/G

Belgian couverture milk chocolate in drops with minimum 24% cocoa content.

Decorfil Neutral

Fruit glaze with fruit flavour and shining colour. It is ready to-use for cake decoration. Freeze-thaw stable. Keeps the moisture of the cake and the shininess of the decoration.

Deli Caramel

A real caramel filling made of milk and sugar, carefully cooked together to obtain the caramel taste, colour and texture.

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