Decorated & Layer cake

Puratos ingredients to create Decorated & Layer cake

Deli Citron

Inspired by authentic French lemon pie, just like a homemade recipe.

Tegral Satin Crème Cake Dark Chocolate

'Chocolate concept' cake mix ideal for all high-rise cakes like muffin, loaf cakes and tea-time cakes.

Tegral Satin Moist Cake Mocha

Moist cake with mocha profile with extended shelf-life. Suitable for low-rise cakes like pound cakes.

Tegral Satin Moist Chocolate Hazelnut

Complete chocolate hazelnut cake mix with distinctive and nutty hazelnut taste. Suitable for low-rise cakes like pound cakes with soft and moist texture

Decorfil Neutral

Fruit glaze with fruit flavour and shining colour. It is ready to-use for cake decoration. Freeze-thaw stable. Keeps the moisture of the cake and the shininess of the decoration.

Deli Caramel

A real caramel filling made of milk and sugar, carefully cooked together to obtain the caramel taste, colour and texture.

Tegral Sponge Chocolate

Complete mix for the production of premium sponge chocolate.

Tegral Muffin Chocolate

Chocolate profile, suitable for low-rise cakes like cup cakes, layer cakes & pound cakes.