Fun Cake

Puratos ingredients to create Fun Cake

Tegral Satin Crème Cake Dark Chocolate

'Chocolate concept' cake mix ideal for all high-rise cakes like muffin, loaf cakes and tea-time cakes.

Tegral Satin Moist Cake Mocha

Moist cake with mocha profile with extended shelf-life. Suitable for low-rise cakes like pound cakes.

Tegral Satin Moist Chocolate Hazelnut

Complete chocolate hazelnut cake mix with distinctive and nutty hazelnut taste. Suitable for low-rise cakes like pound cakes with soft and moist texture

Tegral Sponge Chocolate

Complete mix for the production of premium sponge chocolate.

Tegral Muffin Chocolate

Chocolate profile, suitable for low-rise cakes like cup cakes, layer cakes & pound cakes.

Carat Coverlux Dark Compound Block

Compound Dark Chocolate in block.

Belcolade Noir Chocolate Powder

Belgian couverture dark chocolate powder

Vivafil Strawberry

A superior bake-stable and freeze-stable strawberry filling for bakery products, with mimimum of 20% real fruit content.