Almond Puff


Working Method

  • Cut Mimetic 32 into cube size
  • Add all ingredient and mix at slow speed for 4 - 6 min
  • Dough temperature: 24 ℃
  • Bulk fermentation: 20 min
  • Flatten the dough and rest in chiller for 30 min
  • Next, laminate mimetic 32 into the dough with 4 single fold, and rest in chiller for 60 min
  • Next, rollout the dough into 3 mm thickness
  • Spread the almond cream on top of the dough, sprinkle almond nib, 3cm, width x 8 cm, length
  • Bake the puff at 170 °C, 35min

Almond Topping
  • Mix everything together except almond nibs
  • Sprinkle almond nib before baking

About this recipe

Mimetic 32, A margarine with great workability and excellent plasticity to create Viennoiserie and puff pastry.

SAPORE Rigoletto, Rigoletto is a highly concentrated sponge in powder form. It is designed for white thin breads, buns and toast bread.


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