Purple Potato White Chocolate - Intens


Main Ingredients
Easy Royal Sweet Potato 400
Bread Flour 600
Yeast 12
Salt 5
Butter 80
Egg 100
Soft'r Intens Freshness 10
Water 250
Whipping Cream 100
Dried Cranberry 120
Mix Peel 120
Main Ingredients total 1797
White Chocolate Topping
Ambiante 100
Whipping Cream 100
Carat Coverlux White Drops 400
White Chocolate Topping total 600

Working Method

Main Ingredients
  • Mixing Spiral: 10mins 1st speed, 5mins 2nd speed.
  • Dough temperature: 25-26℃ 
  • Bulk fermentation:50mins
  • Scale: 50g
  • Intermediate proof: 20mins
  • Make up: Round shape
  • Final fermentation: 60mins at 28℃,80% RH
  • Oven temperature: 200℃ 
  • Baking time: 10-12mins at about 200℃
  • Spread a thin layer white chocolate ganache on top and stick chocolate on top.

White Chocolate Topping
  • Warm cream till 80°C, add in to Carat White Chocolate, mix well.

About this recipe

Complexity level:  

Easy Royal Sweet Potato, an inspired Japanese’s traditional recipe, made with purple sweet potato powder and pieces together with natural fermented sourdough to enhance its elegant taste profile.

Softe R Intens Freshness  enhance the freshness by increasing the softness, crumb moistness and shelf-life of soft breads and rolls .