Stollen Ball


  • Mix Spiral : 5mins at 1st speed, 5mins 2nd speed. Leave it at room temperature for 1hour
  • Scale out 1140g plain dough, add in mixed fruit. 
  • Dough temperature: 25-26℃ 
  • Bulk fermentation: 60mins
  • Scale: 30g plain dough, 60g inclusion dough
  • Intermediate proof: 30mins
  • Make up: Wrap the inclusion dough with plain dough 
  • Fermentation: 60mins at 28℃,80% RH
  • Oven temperature: 200℃ with steam
  • Baking time: 16mins
  • Make up: Soak bun with clarified butter, coat with polenta.

Mixed Fruit
  • Warm the orange juice, add in all dried fruit together.


Complexity level:  

O-tentic Durum is a convenient solution for creating breads with a distinct taste of yesteryear deliciousness characterized by a Mediterranean taste profile.


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