Strawberry Croissant


Working Method
  • Mixing Spiral: 5mins at 1st speed, 5mins at 2nd speed.
  • Coloured Dough: Measure out 425g white dough mix with red colouring
  • Dough temperature: 18°C
  • Bulk fermentation: 30mins at    -20°C
  • Lamination: 2 double folds on white dough
  • Cooling: 30mins at 4°C
  • Make up: Place the coloured dough on top then roll out at 2.7mm. Cut triangles of 17 x 6.5 cm then cut into half.
  • Final fermentation: 100mins at 28℃,80% RH
  • Oven temperature: 200 °C
  • Baking time: 20-25mins
  • After Bake: Pipe some Vivafil strawberry inside  


Complexity level:  

Mimetic, lamination for true French Viennoiserie quality.

S500 Actiplus offers you ultimate peace of mind through proven constant quality and versatile applications.

Vivafil Strawberry contains more than 20% of real fruit content with superior bake stable and freeze stable.

A perfect croissant with fruit filling, gives us a perfect pairing


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