Strawberry Croissant


Flour 1000
Water +/- 440
Salt 20
Sugar 80
Instant Yeast 15
Sapore Rigoletto 40
Butter 100
S500 Actiplus 10
Mimetic 32 500
Ingredients total 2205
Strawberry Filling
Vivafil Strawberry 100
Deli Cheesecake 100
Ambiante 100
Strawberry Filling total 300

Working Method
  • Mixing Spiral: 5mins at 1st speed, 5mins at 2nd speed.
  • Coloured Dough: Measure out 425g white dough mix with red colouring
  • Dough temperature: 18°C
  • Bulk fermentation: 30mins at    -20°C
  • Lamination: 2 double folds on white dough
  • Cooling: 30mins at 4°C
  • Make up: Place the coloured dough on top then roll out at 2.7mm. Cut triangles of 17 x 6.5 cm then cut into half.
  • Final fermentation: 100mins at 28℃,80% RH
  • Oven temperature: 200 °C
  • Baking time: 20-25mins
  • After Bake: Pipe some Vivafil strawberry inside  


Complexity level:  

Mimetic, lamination for true French Viennoiserie quality.

S500 Actiplus offers you ultimate peace of mind through proven constant quality and versatile applications.

Vivafil Strawberry contains more than 20% of real fruit content with superior bake stable and freeze stable.

A perfect croissant with fruit filling, gives us a perfect pairing


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