Purple Polo


Easy Royal Sweet Potato 300
Bread Flour 700
Yeast 12
Water 360
Eggs 80
Butter 80
Cremfil Classic Roasted Brown Sugar 400
Dough total 1932
Polo Skin
Cake Flour 250
Brown Sugar 125
Butter 125
Eggs 75
Polo Skin total 575

Working Method

  • Mixing: Low speed 6min and high speed 4min, mix until gluten form develop
  • Dough: Temperature  24˚C
  • Bulk Fermentation:  20min
  • Weight/Scaling:  240g
  • Intermediate proof: 30min
  • Shaping: Roll out the dough, pipe cremfil roasted brown sugar on top, make a long shape. Cover with a thin layer of polo skin.
  • Final Fermentation: 100 min 28 ˚C
  • Baking: 180/230  ±25min

Polo Skin
  • Mix all together

About this recipe

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