Caramel Apple Donut


Working Method

  • Add all ingredient and mix at slow speed for 3 - 5 min, fast speed 3 - 5min, mix until gluten form develop.
  • Dough temperature 26 ℃
  • Bulk fermentation 15 min
  • Flatten the dough and rest in freezer for 30 min.
  • Next, sheet the dough until 6mm” and have a single fold, rest in freezer for 15 min
  • Flatten the dough until 4 mm” and rest for 15 minutes before cutting the desired donut shape, 40 g per piece.
  • Proof the donut in proofer for 45 min, 80% humidity,  32°C
  • Fry the donut at 170 °C for 1 minutes both side

Make Up
  • Dip the donut with the carat white, sprinkle some smoobees caramel on top.
  • Pipe Topfil Apple at the center.

About this recipe

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