Golden Pillow


Working Method

  • Mixing: Low speed 6min and high speed 4min, mix until gluten form develop
  • Dough Temperature: 24˚C
  • Bulk Fermentation:  20min
  • Sheet out the dough about 5mm, keep in freezer 1hour
  • Sheet until 2.6 mm cut 5cmX5cm
  • Weight:  20g/pcs
  • Shaping:  Pipe cremfil roasted brown sugar on top,put 1stick sweet potato and 1 stick yam, cover the top with another piece of dough. Dip in coating and stick crumble around.
  • Fermentation: 100 mins 32 ˚C 80%RH
  • Temperature Frying: 170° ˚C
  • Time: About 1min each side

  • Mix all together

  • Mix all ingredients together until form crumble

About this recipe

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