Christmas Cream Cheese Danish


Dough Ingredient
T55 Flour 1000
Yeast 20
Salt 18
Milk Powder 40
Water 480
Sugar 100
S500 Actiplus 10
Butter 100
Topfil Wild Blueberry Q.S
Mimetic 32 500
Dough Ingredient total 2268
Cream Cheese Butter Cream Filling
Unsalted Butter 500
Sugar 200
Water 200
Deli Cheesecake 350
Butter cream 300
Cream Cheese Butter Cream Filling total 1550

Working Method

Dough Ingredient
  • Mixing: Mix all ingredient with low speed for 6 minutes and high speed 4 minutes.
  • Dough Temperature 24˚C
  • Total dough weight: 1700g, Mimetic 500g
  • Bulk Fermentation ~5min
  • Keep the dough into freezer until the dough become firm.
  • Sheet out the dough, fold 1 double fold,1 single fold.
  • Keep in chiller for 1hour.
  • Sheet until 4mm, cut into 8cm x 8cm. Weight 40g.
  • Final Fermentation:  1hour 32min 29˚C 80%RH
  • Lastly pipe Topfil Wild Blueberry on top of the dough.
  • Baking Temperature ~230 ˚C /200 ˚C
  • Baking Time: 13-15 minutes
  • After bake, pipe cream cheese filling on top and deco with icing sugar and golden leaf.

Cream Cheese Butter Cream Filling
  • Boil sugar and water together till syrup.
  • Beat the butter until soft, gradually add in sugar syrup.
  • Mix until white colour.
  • Mix all the ingredient till homogenous.

Christmas Cream Cheese Danish

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