Sour Dough Palmier


Bread Flour 500
Red Rose Flour 500
Salt 15
Sugar 30
Cold Water 300
Egg 100
Mimetic 32 250
Sapore Traviata 50
Sapore Rigoletto 60
Mimetic 32 450 for lamination
Ingredients total 2255

Working Method
  • Mixing Spiral: 5mins at 1st speed, 5mins at 2nd speed.
  • Dough temperature: 18℃ 
  • Bulk fermentation: 30mins at -20c°
  • Lamination:4 double folds
  • Cooling: 30mins at 4°C 
  • Make up: Roll out at 2.4mm, cut a dough to 25cm length, make a book fold, cut in to 1cm thickness and coat with sugar.
  • Oven temperature: 190℃
  • Baking time: 15-20mins


Complexity level:  

Sapore constitutes a range of sourdough and other solutions based on fermentation that offers a natural, traditional and differentiating taste and structure to finished baked products.

Mimetic, lamination for true French Viennoiserie quality.