Tarte Au Chocolat


Working Method

Tart Base
  • Mix butter, sugar, salt and flour to a crumbly texture.
  • Slowly add in egg and knead till form a dough. Avoid over kneading the dough.
  • Roll out to about 2mm thickness
  • Place into ring and let to freeze.
  • Bake at 180˚C with a tart weight for about 10mins. Once   tart shell have cooked halfway. Remove tart weight and bake till golden brown.

Chocolate Lava Filling
  • Melt Belcolade Noir Vietnam together with butter.
  • Over a Baine Marie, whisk eggs and sugar till it all sugar has dissolved.
  • Mix chocolate mixture to eggs mixture.
  • Slowly sieve in the flour and mix well.
  • Let to cool.
  • Pipe into tart shell and put in     freezer for the filling to frozen.
  • Bake the tart at a top temperature of 190°C and bottom temperature of 130°C for 10mins.
  • Remove the tart from oven once the borders of the filling is firm.

Berry Coulis
  • Warm the puree together..
  • Slowly add into Vivafil Strawberry.


Complexity level:  

Vivafil Strawberry contains more than 20% of real fruit content with superior bake stable and freeze stable.

A tart with Belcolade Noir Vietnam 73% Cacao Trace and Strawberry fruit filling, creates a fruity taste chocolate tart.