Lemon White Lotus Mooncake


Working Method

Snow Skin
  • Mix snow skin premix with shortening until combine.
  • Add water and mix well become a non-stick dough.
  • Add in yellow food colouring.
  • Let it rest for 5 minutes.

Lemon White Lotus Filling
  • Mix Deli Citron and Smoobees Lemon together.
  • Put it into a piping bag, pipe it into the small round mould and let it freeze.
  • Weigh and divide white lotus paste to 35 g.
  • Wrap lemon insert in the centre with white lotus paste.

  • Weigh and divide snow skin dough to 20 g each.
  • Roll it out and wrap it with the lemon white lotus filling.
  • Shape it with mooncake press mould.

About this recipe

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