Macaron White Lotus Snow Skin Mooncake


Working Method

Snow Skin
  • Mix well all ingredients till a smooth dough is formed.

Lotus Paste Macaron
  • Weigh and divide the lotus paste filling into 30g each.
  • Mix Tergal Macaron with warm water.
  • Mix on medium speed for 5-7mins, until the batter become thick.
  • Bake at 130°c for 25-30mins.
  • Make a sugar syrup with caster sugar and water.
  • Beat the butter until soft then pour in the cool sugar syrup, mix until light and fluffy.
  • Sandwich the macaron with butter cream.
  • Roll out the lotus paste filling, put a macaron inside. 
  • Close the top and shape into a ball.
  • Insert into mould and press to shape

Macaron White Lotus Snow Skin Mooncake

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