Christmas Stollen


Working Method

Poolish Starter
  • Mixing Spiral: Mix all the polish starter well, and let it rest in ambient for 2hour. 
  • Then keep in chiller overnight.

Main Dough
  • Mixing Spiral: Slow speed 5mins then fast speed. 5 mins. (Butter, sugar, salt, egg yolk, marzipan use paddle to mix well)
  • Fold in all the inclusion.
  • Dough Temperature: 26°C
  • Bulk   Fermentation: 30mins, cover in a plastic bag/container
  • Divide: 600g
  • Resting: 30min
  • Make up: Make a round shape for the dough, put into the baking mould and proof.
  • Final Fermentation: 90-120mins in ambient temperature.
  • Baking Temperature: Top 200°C, Bottom 190°C
  • Baking Time: 30-40min, bake until core temperature above 96°C.

  • Mix well all ingredients.

Christmas Stollen

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