Orange Ginger Polo Bun


Orange Ginger Polo Bun
Easy Soft’r Potato 500
Bread Flour 500
Instant Yeast 15
Fresh Egg 180
Water 300
Unsalted Butter 150
Orange peel 100
Orange Ginger Polo Bun total 1745
Ginger Polo Topping
Unsalted Butter 125
Sugar 125
Fresh Egg 105
Cake Flour 250
Ginger Powder 20
Ginger Polo Topping total 625

Working Method

  • Easy Soft’r Potato, is a concentrate powdered mix for production of potato breads. 
  • Complete with improver.

Orange Ginger Polo Bun
  • Mix Easy Soft’r Potato, bread flour, high sugar instant yeast, fresh egg, water at slow speed for 3-5 minutes, fast speed 3-5 minutes until gluten.
  • Add in unsalted butter and mix until gluten completely formed.
  • Fold in orange peel.
  • Dough temperature 26˚C
  • Bulk fermentation 30 minutes
  • Divide 50g, rest 15 mins
  • Roll the dough and cover with ginger polo topping
  • Proof the dough in room temperature for  26-28°C,  for 90-105 mins
  • Bake the dough in deck oven top 220°C and bottom 180°C for 14-16 minutes

Orange Ginger Polo Bun

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