Orange Ginger Polo Bun


Working Method

  • Easy Soft’r Potato, is a concentrate powdered mix for production of potato breads. 
  • Complete with improver.

Orange Ginger Polo Bun
  • Mix Easy Soft’r Potato, bread flour, high sugar instant yeast, fresh egg, water at slow speed for 3-5 minutes, fast speed 3-5 minutes until gluten.
  • Add in unsalted butter and mix until gluten completely formed.
  • Fold in orange peel.
  • Dough temperature 26˚C
  • Bulk fermentation 30 minutes
  • Divide 50g, rest 15 mins
  • Roll the dough and cover with ginger polo topping
  • Proof the dough in room temperature for  26-28°C,  for 90-105 mins
  • Bake the dough in deck oven top 220°C and bottom 180°C for 14-16 minutes

Orange Ginger Polo Bun

Complexity level: