Lait Selection Cacao Trace


Working Method

Ganache Lait Selection Cacao Trace
  1. Dissolve Belcolade chocolate and pure cocoa butter in half (not completely dissolve)
  2. Boil fresh cream and tremoline together.
  3. Add the boiled cream into the chocolate in several times and pour slowly to make ganache.
  4. Blend with a hand mixer, add unsalted butter while the ganache is at 35-40 ℃, stir again with a hand mixer and emulsify cleanly.
  5. Pour into a curdle (height: 9 mm) with ganache at 30 ℃ and flatten
  6. Crystallize at room temperature 12-18 ℃, humidity 65% for about 12 hours

  1. Dissolve the Belcolade chocolate.
  2. Spread the melt chocolate thinly on both sides of the ganache and cut with a gitter.
  3. Coating with tempering Belcolade.

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