Arancia Rocher


Brownies Base
Butter 220
Tegral Satin Reduced Sugar Cake Chocolate 400
Egg 250
Cream Cheese 150
Brownies Base total 1020
Orange Caramel
Deli Caramel 100
Orange Segment 200
Orange Caramel total 300
Orange Ganche
Belcolade Noir Selection Drops C501/J 200
Whipping Cream 200
Orange Zest 1 nos
Baked Almond Nib 75
Orange Ganche total 476

Working Method

Brownies Base
  • Mix all ingredients on medium speed for 3-4 mins.
  • Baked 180°C about 10-15 mins.

Orange Caramel
  • Warm the Deli Caramel and add orange segment then infuse for 10mins.

Orange Ganache
  • Warm the whipping cream and add into Belcolade Noir Selection.
  • After cool down at around 35°C~37°C, then add in orange zest and baked almond nib.

About this recipe

Complexity level:  

Tegral Satin Reduced Sugar Cake Chocolate, crafted with delicious bittersweet dark chocolate taste with 25% sugar reduction and contain real Belgian chocolate powder, providing a rich chocolate taste profile.

Deli Caramel, the infinite pleasure of a authentic milk inspired by the famous ‘Dulce de leche’.

Belcolade Noir Selection, contains of real Belgian Chocolate, for it great taste and excellent performance.