Chocolate Chestnut Brioche


Main Ingredients
Bread Flour 1000
Caster Sugar 200
Salt 15
Yeast 12
Milk Powder 40
S500 Actiplus 5
Milk 300
Egg Yolk 300
Soft'r Intens Freshness 10
Butter 300
Main Ingredients total 2182
Dark Chocolate Whipped Ganache
Whipping Cream 200
Ambiante 200
Belcolade Noir Selection Cocoa Trace 200
Dark Chocolate Whipped Ganache total 600
Chestnut Filling
Chestnut Paste 400
Butter 80
Chestnut Filling total 480
Chocolate Crumble
Cocoa Powder 20
Cake Flour 240
Sugar 90
Butter 120
Chocolate Crumble total 470

Working Method
  • Mixing Spiral: 10mins at 1st speed, 5mins at 2nd speed.
  • Dough temperature: 25-26℃ 
  • Bulk fermentation: 50mins
  • Scale: 30g
  • Intermediate proof: 20mins
  • Make up: Wrap chesnut filling inside. Put on top of the chocolate crumble.
  • Final fermentation: 60mins at 28℃, 80% RH
  • Oven temperature: 200℃ 
  • Baking time: 10-12mins at about 200℃
  • Make up: Pipe whipped ganache and serve.

Dark Chocolate Whipped Ganache
  • Heat whipping cream and ambiante 60C and pour over chocolate
  • Mix well and cover the surface with cling film and leave to chill overnight
  • Whip the mixture when needed

Chestnut Filling
  • Mix well butter and chesnut paste together

Chocolate Crumble
  • Mix all ingredients until form crumble


Complexity level:  

S500 Actiplus offers you ultimate peace of mind through proven constant quality and versatile applications.

Softe R Intens Freshness  enhance the freshness by increasing the softness, crumb moistness and shelf-life of soft breads and rolls 1.

Belcolade Noir Selection Cacao Trace contains of real Belgian Chocolate with its great taste and excellent performance. 


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