Lychee Passion


Purple Velvet Sponge
Tegral Satin Crème Cake Purple Velvet 500
SP 40
Water 125
Oil 125
Egg 625
Purple Velvet Sponge total 1415
Lychee Diplomat Cream
Cremyvit Classic 220
Water 84
Whipping cream 150
Gelatine mass 10
Vivafil Lychee 148
Lychee Diplomat Cream total 612
Passion Jelly
Passion fruit puree 250
Sugar 38
Gelatine mass 60
Passion Jelly total 348

Working Method

Purple Velvet Sponge
  • Whisk up cake mix, egg, water and SP by using balloon whisk in high speed for approx. 4-5 mins.
  • Then incorporate the oil well.
  • Bake at top 200˚C and bottom 180˚C around 18 – 20mins, depends on the size.

Lychee Diplomat Cream
  • Mix water and Cremyvit together then let it rest for 2mins.
  • Next, mix vivafil lychee with the mixture.
  • Whip the cream until soft peak.
  • Melt gelatine mass, incorporate a bit of custard lychee with gelatine mass, and then pour back into the custard lychee, mix well.
  • Fold the cream into custard. 

Passion Jelly
  • Heat up passion fruit puree and sugar until the sugar dissolved.
  • Melt gelatine mass, add into the puree and mix well.
  • Pour into a tray and let it set.

  • For the bottom layer sponge, pipe lychee diplomat cream around the border, use cutter to cut out the passion jelly and put on the centre. 
  • For the top layer sponge, repeat the same steps and follow with the desired decoration.

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