Mango Cheese Red Velvet Cake


Main Ingredients
Tegral Satin Crème Cake Red Velvet 1000
Water 200
Oil 350
Egg 400
Main Ingredients total 1950
Cake Topping
Deli Cheesecake Q.S
Vivafil Mango Q.S
Cake Topping total 0

Working Method
  • Mix all ingredient in a paddle mixer for 4mins.
  • Next, pour the cake batter into a cake mould and pipe cake topping on the cake.
  • Use a skewer stick to create marble effect before baking.
  • Bake the cake at 180°C for 25–30mins.


Complexity level:  

TSCC Red Velvet, a complete red velvet cake mix with buttery milky taste profile with natural colouring.

Deli Cheesecake is inspired by the New York style cheesecake, a ready-to-use cheesecake base made with cream cheese and eggs.

Vivafil Mango contains more than 35% of real fruit content, with superior bake stable and freeze stable


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