Jasmine Passion Fruit Blanc


Cake Base
Tegral Satin Crème Cake Green Velvet 350
Egg Yolk 200
Water 60
Oil 60
Egg White 300
Sugar 80
Cake Base total 1050
Passion Fruit Custard
Passion Fruit Puree 500
Cremyvit Classic 180
Sugar 50
Passion Fruit Custard total 730
Jasmine Lait Mousse
Belcolade Blanc Selection Drops X605/J 150
Milk 180
Whipping Cream 345
Jasmine Tea Leaves 8-10
Gelatine Powder 5
Jasmine Lait Mousse total 680

Working Method

Cake Base
  • Mix all ingredients together (except egg white and sugar).
  • Beat the sugar and egg white together until soft peak then fold into batter.
  • Sprinkle the bake crumble on top of cake and bake together. (if needed)
  • Bake at 200˚C for about 8-10 minute.

Passion Fruit Custard
  • Boil the sugar and passion fruit puree together. 
  • Let it cool down, and mix into Creamyvit.

Jasmine Lait Mousse
  • Boil the milk and soak jasmine into for 10 min.
  • Then cook again and infuse for another 10min.
  • Sieve tea leaves and reheat the milk again.
  • Next, add Belcolade Blanc into milk.
  • Semi whip the cream and incorporated into the Belcolade mixture.
  • Lastly fold in gelatine.

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