Mango & Earl Grey Chocolate Puff Slice


Bread Flour 500
Red Rose Flour 500
Salt 15
Sugar 30
Cold Water 300
Egg 100
Mimetic 32 250
S500 Actiplus 10
Mimetic 32 450 (for Lamination)
Base total 2155
Earl Grey Chocolate
Cream 400
Earl Grey Tea 8
Gelatine Mass 24
/content/malaysia/en/products/belcolade-noir-selectiondropsc501_j 180
Earl Grey Chocolate total 612
Mango Yoghurt Panna Cotta
Vivafil Mango 185
Plain Yogurt 150
M Milk00
Cream 75
Gelatine Mass 30
Mango Yoghurt Panna Cotta total 440

  • Mixing Spiral: 5mins at 1st speed, 5mins 2nd speed.
  • Dough temperature: 18℃ 
  • Bulk fermentation: 30mins at -20c°
  • Lamination:4 double folds
  • Cooling: 30 mins at 4°C 
  • Make up: Roll out at 2.4mm, cut a dough to 25cm length, make a book fold, cut in to 1cm thickness and coat with sugar.
  • Oven temperature: 190℃
  • Baking time: 15-20mins

Early Grey Chocolate
  • Soak water and gelatine for 5mins.
  • Warm cream and earl grey tea and infuse for 10mins, then add into Belcolade Noir Selection 
  • Keep the chocolate in fridge for 3hours.
  • Whip the cream until fluffy.

Mango Yoghurt Panna Cotta
  • Warm all ingredients together except gelatine mass. 
  • Warm gelatin mass and add into mixture.


Complexity level:  

Belcolade Noir Selection Cacao Trace, contains of real Belgian Chocolate with its great taste and excellent performance.

Vivafil Mango, contains more than 35% of real fruit content, with superior bake stable and freeze stable.

It adds pleasure inside through taste and performance excellence. 


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