Raspberry & Chocolate Cake


Working Method

Chocolate Fondant
  • Mix 9 first ingredients together.
  • Add hot melted butter and coating.
  • Pour in 3 dessert frames (30 X 40 cm).
  • Cook in a ventilated oven at 170°C for about 9 minutes.

Ganache Vietnam Framboise
  • Heat the pulp together with the sugars and pour on the coating and cocoa butter.
  • Emulsify in a mixer.
  • At 35°C, add softened butter.

Raspberry Cake Icing
  • Heat raspberries and 220g sugar together at 40°C.
  • Sprinkle in the sugar/pectin mix and bring to a boil for 2 min.
  • Add mirror at the end of cooking.

  • On a chocolate cake sheet, spread out a layer of chocolate raspberry ganache of about 720 g and cover with a second chocolate cake sheet. 
  • Add the remaining ganache and end with a third chocolate cake sheet.
  • Chill at very low temperature.
  • Cut in 8 cakes, then frost.
  • Decorate with black coating decors.


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