Pinkish Berry


Working Method

Cake Base
  • Mix all ingredients at medium speed for 2-3min.
  • Baked 180˚c about 30-35 min.

Raspberry Cream
  • Semi whip the cream. Add the water into Topfil Raspberry.
  • Incorporated cream into Topfil Raspberry filling.
  • Add the raspberry cream sandwich in-between the cake.

Raspberry Ganache
  • Boil the cream and then add in Belcolade Blanc Selection
  • Add the Topfil Raspberry into ganache base then use hand blender to blend until smooth surface.
  • Cool down the ganache till around 27˚C and glaze on top of the cake.

About this recipe

Complexity level:  

Bittersweet dark chocolate cake base pair with raspberry fillings.

Tegral Satin Reduced Sugar Cake Chocolate, crafted with delicious bittersweet dark chocolate taste with 25% sugar reduction and contains real Belgian chocolate powder.

Topfil Raspberry, raspberry filling that contains up to 60% of real fruit, non-artificial flavour and non-artificial colour.


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