Orange Dragon Fruit


Working Method

Coffee Cake Base
  • Dissolve the coffee powder with part of the water in the recipe.
  • Mix all the ingredients for 1-2 minutes until homogeneous.
  • Spread the cake batter on lined parchment paper 0.5cm thick.
  • Bake at 180°C for 12-15 minutes depends on size.  

Coffee Insert
  • Mix all ingredients together until the sugar and coffee powder has dissolved.
  • Pour it into a silicone mould as an insert for the center of the mousse; let it set in the freezer.

Orange Dragon Fruit Mousse
  • Mix well Cremyvit Classic, red dragon fruit puree, and orange juice; followed by melted gelatine mass.
  • Whip the whipping cream to a soft peak, fold into the mixture.

Orange Glaze
  • Bring water, sugar, glucose, and condensed milk to a boil.
  • Pour into Belcolade Selection Blanc CT and gelatine mass, mix well using a hand blender, followed by orange food colouring as desired.

  • Fill half of the orange dragon fruit mousse into a ball-shape silicone; assemble the frozen coffee insert; fill in the rest of the orange dragon fruit mousse, followed by the coffee cake base.
  • Keep it in the blast freezer.
  • Warm the orange glaze to 40°C; glaze it on the frozen mousse when the glaze reaches 28-30°C.
  • Deco it as desired.

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