Orange Raspberry Rocher


Working Method

Cake Base
  • Mix cake mix, water, oil and egg until homogeneous.
  • Baked at 180˚C for 18 – 20 minutes depends on size.
  • The thickness after baked is roughly 2cm -3cm.

Orange Chocolate Ganache
  • Heat up whipping cream and orange juice together until 70°C.
  • Pour it onto Belcolade Noir Selection Cacao Trace, use hand blender to blend until smooth.
  • Follow by orange zest.

  • Pipe 20 g Topfil Raspberry in a small round mould and freeze it. 

Chocolate Coating
  • Melt Belcolade Lait Selection Cacao Trace and cocoa butter separately till 40°C, and then mix together.

Orange Whipped Cream
  • Whip up the Ambiante and orange zest until stiff peak.


About this recipe

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