Reduced Sugar Chocolate Cake - Light


Main Ingredients
Egg Yolk 10 nos
Tegral Satin Reduced Sugar Cake Chocolate 300
Water 60
Oil 60
Main Ingredients total 430
Egg White 10 nos
Sugar 60
Meringue total 70

Working Method
  • Using a balloon whisk attachment, whisk the meringue until soft peak.
  • Next, mix the cake batter using a paddle and mix for 4mins or until mix well.
  • Next, fold in the meringue into cake batter.
  • Bake the mixture at 200°C for 10–13mins.


Complexity level:  

Fluffy Reduced Sugar Chocolate Cake with Tegral Satin Reduced Sugar Cake Chocolate, crafted with delicious bittersweet dark chocolate taste with 25% sugar reduction and contain real Belgian chocolate powder, providing a rich chocolate taste profile.


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