Praline Rice Crackers Gluten Free
Rice chili crackers 200
Roasted sesame 15
Pralirez hazelnut 50
Belcolade Blanc Intense 40
Praline Rice Crackers Gluten Free total 305
Coconut Biscuit Gluten Free
Rice flour 68
Icing sugar 202
Grated coconut 105
Almond powder 240
Granulated sugar 100
Egg whites 315
Orange zest 6
Coconut Biscuit Gluten Free total 1036
Vietnam 45% Chocolate Creamy
Pure coconut cream 100
Belcolade Origin Vietnam 45% 68
Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter 5
Vietnam 45% Chocolate Creamy total 173
Thai Pineapple Brunoise
Fresh Victoria Pineapple (brunoise) 150
Lime zest 1
Fresh ginger (grated) 2
Chopped fresh coriander leaves 4 pcs
Mango puree 80
Passion fruit juice 20
Lime juice 10
Sugar 10
Pectin NH 1.5
Thai Pineapple Brunoise total 278.5
Tofu Lime Mousse
Fresh cream 35% 300
Tofu natur 240
Sweet soya sauce 30
Lime zest 4.5
Belcolade Blanc Selection 315
Gelatine powder 180 bloon/silver 10.5 pcs
Water 52.5
Whipped cream 35% 495
Tofu Lime Mousse total 1447.5

Working Method

Praline Rice Crackers (7g)
  • Blend everything together in the food processor.
  • Roll out between 2 paper sheets till 3mm. Let it set.
  • Cut rounds of 5cm. 

Coconut Biscuit (1 tray 40x60cm)
  • Sift all powder, except the granulated sugar. 
  • Whip the egg white with granulated sugar until you get a firm texture. 
  • Fold in, powders and orange zests. 
  • Spread on baking tray 40x60cm.
  • Bake 10-12mins at 180°C
  • Cool down and cut round of 4.5cm. Reserve it.

Vietnam 45% Chocolate Creamy (8g/insert)
  • Warm the coconut cream to 60°C, pour on the chocolate and mix
  • Mold 8g in flexipan half sphere Demarle ref/1489.
  • Let it set in fridge, then add the pineapple brunoise on top

Thai Pineapple Brunoise (10g/insert)
  • Mix all together except sugar and pectin.
  • Bring to a boil by adding the sugar/pectin mix at 60°C.
  • Mold in flexipan half sphere Demarle ref/1489 on top of the milk chocolate cream.
  • Dispose a layer of biscuit then freeze

Tofu Lime Mousse (55g/mold)
  • Soak gelatine in water. 
  • Warm the fresh cream at 80°C, pour over tofu, lime zest and chocolate. 
  • Add melted gelatine and blend using hand mixer. 
  • At 27-28°C, add the whipped cream.

About this recipe

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Belcolade, real Belgian chocolate, produced exclusively in Belgium following a long tradition of craftmanship, quality and refinement. 


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