Vietnam RóngHuà


Working Method
  • Bring fresh cream with the glucose, inverted sugar to boil.
  • Pour the hot cream onto the Belcolade Noir Vietnam, blend with a mixer.
  •  Add the soft butter when the temperature of the ganache reaches 40℃– 35℃.
  • Pour the ganache in a frame  (30 x 30 cm, 1 cm high) and let set in the fridge at 4℃, for 12 hours.
  • Cut in squares (2 x 2cm).
  • Coat the ganache with cocoa powder mixed with snow powder.
  • Keep into the fridge.


Complexity level:  

A chocolatery recipe of Vietnam Rong Hua by Belcolade Noir Selection 73% Cacao Trace, contains of real Belgian Chocolate for it great taste and excellent performance.