Earl Grey Chocolat Tea Cake


Working Method

Cake Base
  • Mix all ingredients at medium speed for 2 minutes
  • Bake at 180-200°C for ~ 15-18 minutes depends on size.

Earl Grey Cream
  • Heat up whipping cream and earl grey tea, and soak for 5 minutes.
  • Then, filter the cream.
  • Add Belcolade Lait Selection into the mixture and incorporate in melted gelatine.
  • Keep in fridge or overnight.
  • Whip up slightly before use. 

Chocolate Almond Ganache
  • Boil whipping cream and add in Belcolade Noir Selection, then incorporate in butter when ganache temperature is ~35-37°C 
  • Lastly, add in almond nibs into ganache.

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